*CLEAR by parentage or DNA for Juvenile Hereditary Cataract, BAER hearing Normal

CERF exam normal, OFA Patella or preliminary patella exam normal


*CH AHA! Wynot Stop At Doc's


*CH Doc's Not Just For The Money




*Motif N Doc's Amazin Grace "Maizie"


Doc's Don't Stop Dancing "ChaCha"


*GCH CH Doc's Goldie Lox "Goldie"

*Doc's Vanity Fare ""Vanna"

*Doc's Bit O Honey


*CH Doc's Tootsie Roll


*Ch. Doc's Just A Little QT

Multiple Group Placing

1st AOM 2008 BTCA under judge Michelle Billings


* CH. Doc's Quality Control "Litty"


* CH Doc's Quest For The Best "Bess"


* CH Doc's Trick 'R Treat "Boo"


* CH Doc's Ramona Quimby "Mona"


*Doc's Beezus Quimby "Beezus"

*Doc's Smidgeon "Midge"

*Doc's Just Quick As A Wink "Wink"

*Ch Doc's Suzy Q " Suzy "ROM  

Multiple Group Placing

(has crossed Rainbow Bridge)


*Doc's Best Dressed "Sassy"


*Doc N Dakohtah's Little Fannie " Fannie"

Doc's True Colors "True"

Motif's Mary Cutting Brittles "Mary"

 *Janlar N Doc's True Blood "Sookie"

*Ch. Pbn's Chance By Doc


*Doc's Energizer Bunny "Bunny"


*Ch. Doc's Someone In The Kitchen "Dinah"


*Dovenho N Doc's Diamond Replica "Mini Me"


*Ch. Doc's Whats Up "Bugs"

*Doc's May Day Motif "May"

*Doc's  Tippy Canoe"Tippy"

*Doc's Tis The Only "Only"

*Doc's Eyes On You "Eye-V"

*Ch PBN's Doc Delivered Metoo "Metoo"

*Ch Doc's Off Her Rocker "Dizzy"  

*Ch. Doc's Country Tis Of Oui "Sis"

*Ch. Doc's Sweet Victory Of Oui "Tory"

*Ch Doc Knocks Her Socks Off "Roxy"

Doc's Dancin Dolly "Dolly"

*Ch PBN's Paying Off Doc "Paddy"

*Ch PBN's Doc Picked Me "Pixie"

Dale's Little Livewire Molly "Molly" 

*Doc's Gone With the Wind "Scarlet"

*Doc's United Oui Stand "Libby"

*Doc's Luck O' the Irish "Trish"

*Doc's Gimme A Chance "Gimme"




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